PR0$aCKSBLoG$: The latest Nokia Drive for your Nokia Lumia

The latest Nokia Drive for your Nokia Lumia

The latest Nokia Drive is available for all Nokia Lumia phones for free. Download and install it from Marketplace and get access to smarter driving.
Nokia Drive helps you get where you’re going quickly with turn-by-turn navigation and full offline support. Personalise it with your favourite destinations and feel secure knowing you’ll always find your way back, even in areas with poor data connectivity.
You can use Nokia Drive to navigate and search for destinations even without a data connection or cellular coverage. Use Wi-Fi to download the maps you need ahead of time, then hit the road without worrying about signal loss or data roaming charges.

Get Nokia Drive

Get the latest Nokia Drive app on your Nokia Lumia as a free download from the Marketplace. Simply launch the Marketplace, search for Nokia Drive or find it in the Nokia Collection* and install.

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