PR0$aCKSBLoG$: Special advertise box code in blogger for you

Special advertise box code in blogger for you

It's been a while since my last update about codding since I'm too busy with my life and upgrading my website Now, it's time for me to look back what I left for PRo$acksblogs. I realize I need to do some modification for this blog sooner or later. But for now, since I'm already change my advertise box to the new one. I decided to share one of my advertise box trick to all of you as a gift.

Below are the code that should be put to your sidebar if you are interested to make an advertise box in your blog. This code is special than normal code. This advertise allowed you to put 4 block of 125x125 size and 1 block of 265x37 advertise. And what make this code special that normal advertise is it allowed you 2 put 2 advertise in 1 block of 125x125 at one time.

With the additional code from javascript, it will randomly switch your advertise every time you load your page. So, what you need do to get this advertise is just copy the code below and paste it to your widget and replace the words PUT ADVERTISE LINKS HERE with your advertise links and PUT ADVERTISE IMAGE LINKS HERE with your advertise image links and some description at AD DESCRIPTION.

and the result is like this....
So, that's all for today, good luck. If you have any problems. Feel free to contact me. ^_^

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