PR0$aCKSBLoG$: Fifa 2012 on Android?

Fifa 2012 on Android?

Hye there how are you today? Maybe all of you remember Fifa from EA. EA was the developer for Fifa and all valid league from over the world. So maybe you can try the game on your smartphone not pc or a laptop.
FIFA 12, brought to you Electronic Arts EA Sports, is now updated to version 1.2.5 with improvements and fixes in this version. Fifa 12, as the successor of the previous Fifa 10 and Fifa 11, is a great soccer and a hit game around the world. It is as popular as Pro Evolution Soccer that brought to you a while ago by Konami Entertainment.
As it is from the developer that brought you so many hit games that we love such as Scrabble, The SIMS 3, Tetris, Monopoly, Madden NFL 12, Need For Speed Shift, Need For Speed Hot Pursuit, Simcity Deluxe and many more, we can judge that this game also has great graphic quality.

This version of FIFA 12 works for all devices now. Choose your download base on your device specs!

Download from: Mirror1 (For Sony-Ericsson Xperia Play and most Andreno GPU devices) Download from: Mirror2 (For 480×800 screens, like HTC Desire HD or Samsung Galaxy S2) Download from: Mirror3 (For 540×960 screens, Like Motorola Atrix) Download from: Mirror4 (For 1280×800 screens, like Tablets) Download from: Mirror5 (For HVGA screens, like HTC Salsa) Download from: Mirror6 (For QVGA screens, like Samsung Galaxy Mini)

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