What Happened On That Day
For the 1st class in week 13th, it's time for the last 3 group to present their micro-teaching; 1st group: Hafiz and Hidayah, 2nd group: Fathiah and Mirwan and the 3rd group: Adam and me. Also on that day, Salwa alone, presenting her second time micro-teaching.

Hafiz and Hidayah's group teaching about distance and displacement, Meanwhile Mirwan and Fathiah presenting about ..............(aisey...forgot r which topic...this is the result from not taking not in what had learn...aiseyhhh....=.='......but it is about biology) and my group presenting about circuit. Other than that, Salwa share with us about what is density.

Each group comes with difference way of teaching, for example, Hafiz and Hidayah's group using more on role play approaches; Fathiah and Mirwan stress on group discussion and  my group using demonstration approaches. Salwa using group discussion and experiment.

Each approaches have their power and weakness. However, it is common to make mistake and fail to achieves our own lesson plan since we are all still in the process of learning. And since each of us had been given second time, how about trying our best for the next??

To be honest, I'm not satisfied in my presentation for that day since I need to reconfigured back my teaching methods in the last minutes making me quite pending in handing the situation. And what make me more down is the explanation from Dr. Rohaida about the inductive and deductive approaches that I plan to use in my teaching but been reconfigured back by my partner been issued causing me feel more horrible. So, for the next time, I plan to get back what I miss from this previous teaching.

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