What Happened in This Week
For the 1st class of final weeks, I miss the class. Other than me, only 2 of my groups attend to the class(Izzati and Fara) since they are presenting on that day. Sorry, I'm lost on that day since busy with final project for Ko-K and final touching for Dr. Chew assignment. I heard that there are nobody in our group to give feed back since all of us absence.huhuh^_^.

For the 2nd class of the final week, which is also the final class, is still the micro-teaching class where 3 last group which are Hafiz and Hidayah; Fathiah and Mirwan and also; Adam and me. For this time all of us are teaching physics, Hafiz and Hidayah are teaching Velocity(the continuation from distance and displacement); Fathiah and Mirwan teached about Power(new topic); and finally Adam and me are teaching voltage (continuation from circuit).

For this time, almost all of us using lecturing and discussion method. And all of us was complained by Dr. Rohaida since all of us were teaching the physic's subject after we were told that we cannot use the technology this time.huahuahuahua =)).
Various of interesting teaching method

Reflection From What Happened
I think almost all of the group teaching better except mine. I don't know why. I'm quite pending this time. Although I'm succeeding in doing what I can't do in previous, I fail to control the class. Maybe because of a part of my mind wasn't there while I was teaching or maybe I'm not complete prepare handling this kind of situation. I realized that although the lecture had been given, the understanding is less since not all of them can applied it rightly. And what is my major problem is I'm quite pending in thinking a way to overcome that situation since this kind of approaches causing less focus on teacher.

However finally I realized something more important beyond something I realized in previous. In previous, I realized that theoretical without practical and application is not effective. Now, I also realize that, even that we giving all this three elements, we still cannot achieve our objective. We must always follow up every elements that we already taught in the element we want to give since the students can easily lost.

For me, assuming students prior knowledge is not the way, but assuming that the students know nothing is better since by doing this, we will be pushed to guided them step by step.

What I actually thinking about education and educator
After reviewing all methods that had been learn and applied, I still agreed with the classical method that had been used by our previous educator which stress more on behaviorisme than the others. Maybe some of us think this is obsolete. We have to gain student's interest, thinking skills, cognitive and so on. To me, all of this cannot be applied in common school, due to the environment. I said that because I'm from the common school and and I'm also had been to higher level school. The situation and environment is very different. If this type of methods been applied to common school, student learn nothing. We can see also the latest text book and the previous text book. There so many difference and so many important element had been lack in the latest text book. For high class school, they may have many option and reference, with supporting environment. However, for the common school, there are nothing that they can grab. And if I not mistake, almost all of us which had come to the University are from the high class school, only a little bit of them come from common school. So, their mindset and way of thinking about education quite different. It is not an assumption, but it is the truth.

It is true that approaches is necessary in helping the understanding, but from what I saw in how my course-mate thinking, show that their perception and mindset of students are in the level of high class school, the level like they are, not from common government school. 

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