PR0$aCKSBLoG$: SXEP 3207's previous miss report

SXEP 3207's previous miss report

Introduction(zero bubbling)
Since today my working shift at noon, so I decided to complete the report that I had missed in previous. I hope it's not late to post the report since this is the 3rd day after the SXEP 3207's final exam since I need to work overtime to gain some money to pay for UM's course debt. Fuhh....It's quite hard to balance between work and study..especially when we really need the money for the study. When thinking back about what I did, it is quite hard for me to go through with all of this. But since the money is the 1st thing that makes this world move, so, go through with it is the only way to settle it. And what worst is that, my brother also need the money to pay back all the mess he had done. Haaaaiihhhh...... I'm tired with all of these.

Ok....that's all for the introduction. We proceed to the report that we had missed.

SXEP 3207 4th REPORT
After we were briefing about the background of our educational system, this time, we were introduce about the learning theory that should be know by us, as a prospective teacher.

From what I can remembered, on that day, each of us were given a task to make a review and present the learning theory by group. Each group were ask to present one theory and give a further explanation. The lesson continue on the next class since lack of time.

All in all, as conclusion from what we had shared, I can conclude that, the learning theory that mainly had been present by all of us are divided into two major way which are:

  1. Behaviorism and
  2. Constructivism

basically, behaviorism sees learning as a product where we need as a teacher can predict and control the change in learner’s behaviour.

In this part, Pavlov is one of the person that introduce this approaches which also known as skinner theory, which stress on STIMULUS =>> RESPOND

Meanwhile constructivism is a process of learning where student's prior knowledge play an important roe in the process of learning and the learner construct their own knowledge.

In this part, we were introduced:-
  1. Piaget development's stage
  2. Vygotsky’s Zone of Proximal Development
  3. Ausubel’s Meaningful Reception learning

Piaget development's stage
My group were ask to represent this part, from the note that had been given, the piaget development stage are divided into four stage, which are ;

Vygotsky’s Zone of Proximal Development
From what I can understand about Vygotsky is that he state that the process of learning are depend to social contact or interaction between human.

Ausubel’s Meaningful Reception learning
Meanwhile Ausubel state that the process of learning is more effective with the existence of teaching aids.
Learning Theory by Ausubel

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Ok....since it is already 3P.M..... I need to stop now since I need to be prepared to go to work. I'll continued this report after work...


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