Just Now, I just finished my SXEP3207 Teaching Method in Science. So,...How do I feel????.......How do I feel????.....How do I feel.......teeeettttT!!!!!!!..........want to know what I feel??Read The Post title.....ok??

That's what I feel for today. Why???Why???Why????Cause of the exam....refer back to the post title...ok??

Hmm.....It's quite sad to feel like doing anything in exam....what is the worst is that...we know everything....but feel like nothing in there...Don't know why I've been like this.....

Today I don't feel like doing anything...... =.='

Ok...So, as what had been taught by Dr. Rohaida....Let's make reflection from what we have done. Why I've been like this???

  1. Because of me, maybe I'm not ready enough to answer the question.
  2. Because of me, this time, my psychology wasn't in a good condition. What's worst when I others writing a full page while I'm still doing nothing. Thinking what I want to write on this blank paper.
  3. Because of me, I'm thinking too much about what how to answered the question perfectly and finally I'm ending up doing the worst.
  4. Because of me, having problem to understand what the question need. I don't really understand what the need of the question. I'm not sure is it really the question is hard to understand or I'm having the problem in understanding the question.

So, As  a result..........Maybe I'm fail....isk2 This this time. 

All in all, although I'm fail, I hope the others can answer the best. Since the question is not so tough. At the same time, I remembered a video that had been post by Khuzaid. Just wacth ann see.....

Although the real situation that happened isn't just like this, but all in all, this situation usually happened around us. Hahahahahaha......

Ok....let's stop here, 1 DOWN..5 more to go....good luck for me and the others.....^_^

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