PR0$aCKSBLoG$: SXEP 3207's 3rd report

SXEP 3207's 3rd report

If in the previous class we were learn about what is science..this time we were learn about what are education and science education especially in our country, Malaysia. To be honest, I'm not really remembered what I had learn on that day since I'm not quite focus this time due to my health but thanks to Hafiz's blog that guide me back to remember what I had learn.

What is Education?
Education is the process by which society deliberately transmits its accumulated knowledge, skills and values from one generation to another.

What is Science Education?
Science Education is the field concerned with sharing science content and process with individuals not traditionally considered part of the scientific community.

Basically, our Science Educational System in Malaysia or also known as Science Curriculum are basically based on some important elements which are:-
  1. The National Philosophy
  2. The National Philosophy of Education
  3. The National Science Education Philosophy


  1. Belief in god
  2. Loyalty to king and country
  3. Upholding the constitution
  4. Rule of law
  5. Good behavior and morality

Education in Malaysia is an on-going effort toward developing the potential of individuals in a holistic and integrated mannern to produce individuals who are intellectually, spiritually, emotionally and physically balanced and harmonious based on a firm belief in and devotion to God

Such an effort is designed to produce Malaysian citizens who are:

  1. Knowledgeable
  2. Competent
  3. Possess high moral standards
  4. Responsible
  5. Capable of achieving a high level personal well being
  6. Able to contribute to the harmony and betterment of the family, society and the nation at large

In consonance with the National Education Philosophy, science education in Malaysia nurtures a Science and Technology Culture by focusing on the development of individuals who competitive, dynamic, robust and resilient and able to master scientific knowledge and technological competency.

From that day, after reviewing back what I had learn, I realize that on that day, we were learning about the basic curriculum material in teaching science in our educational system. From what I can conclude, Our educational curriculum material that had been used are:

  1. Syllabus
  2. Curriculum Specification
  3. Text Book
  4. Module and Workbook
  5. National Philosophy
  6. And also National Philosophy of Education.

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