PR0$aCKSBLoG$: SXEP 3207'S REPORT Week 12th season2

SXEP 3207'S REPORT Week 12th season2

The 2nd class of the 12th week, reporting from admin, through This is the time for us to represent our micro-teaching. Actually not all of us. Just some of us. By turn. This week, 3 group represent their skills, 1st group: Mun Wei and Adawiah; 2nd group: Gilbert, and the 3rd group: Khuzaid and Safwah. And below are the picture that I had caught. Sorry if the picture is not so clear. I'm just have a low class mobile phone.
Mun Wei's class

Kiu Fong answering the question

Mariani answering the question that had been given

Gilbert's lecture

Khuzaid and Salwa's

Reflection from what had happened:
From what had happened on that day, I can say that all of them had done the best although there are some of them that are not quiet good enough either cause of their lack of confident or maybe lack of luck. Especially for the last group; Khuzaid and Safwah. Seem their presentation's topic not so suitable with their topic and one of them don't have enough time to represent his lesson. However, overall, most of them had done their best, with so many skills and approach of teaching. 

At the same time, the others which didn't present, pretend to be a good students and also a good judge. I don't know about others, but my group seems to be the best judge this time I think. Well, at least we didn't stingy to give marks.heee^_^. (Hope that Dr. Rohaida didn't aim us. For giving so many marks. isk2=.='.)

Seems, the teaching is not as easy as what we think. Although we already have the proper lesson plan. It doesn't mean the success of our teaching. Doing is not as easy as talk. Isn't it??

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