PR0$aCKSBLoG$: SXEP 3207'S REPORT aFterLiFe-Week 12th season1

SXEP 3207'S REPORT aFterLiFe-Week 12th season1

Setelah sekian lama berdiam diri dan tak post pasal SXEP 3207's report disebabkan terlalu sibuk dengan kerja, assingment, test dan yang paling utama adalah disebabkan sebelum ni fokus internet adalah untuk membuat website terbaru. So, memandangkan website dah siap, kite kembali ke assignment internet asal yang telah hampir 2 bulan ditinggalkan. Sambil-sambil tu, empunya diri nak ambil kesempatan untuk mempromote website terbaru eden yang dibuat dengan sendiri secara manual yaitu memandangkan hari ni merupakan secara rasminya website ni dibuka secara umum dan pembelajaran tentang HTML juga telah selesai.

So, kite proceed ke perkara utama, yaitu SXEP 3207's report. Setelah berpikir panjang, eden ambik keputusan untuk mengupdate SXEP 3207's report yang terbaru je r memandangkan report2 minggu lepas je antara yang terfresh yang paling mudah untuk di grab back buat masa ni. So kite teruskan ke laporan report minggu ke-12 la ye.

SXEP 3207 week 12th report
To be honest, I absent in the 1st week of the 12th weeks report. The reason is because I'm waiting for a friend to pickup me....waiting and waiting until I fell asleep again. About 9 a.m he arrived, but since its quite late, and I'm don't want to be aim by Dr. Rohaida. So, we decided to skip the class but it doesn't mean I'm also skip the learning. I read what the lecture gave me. Although a bit late, but at least I look, better than go to class and doing nothing. Isn't it??heheheh^_^.

From what that I had been informed. On that day, we were asked to watch some video of our previous senior's presentation for the micro-teaching and gave some feedback about their micro-teaching. We were also been given a note and manual to make a lesson plan. We were asked to discuss in a group how to make a lesson plan in group and planning for our next micro-teaching.

Reflection from what we had learn
After studied the Module 7 that had been given to me which is about Lesson Planning and Writing of Lesson Plans, I realized that the process of teaching is not as easy as we think we are.

There are so many thing that needs to be configured before starting a class, and what so surprise, a teacher need to prepare it not just before the class, but before the beginning of a  school semester. 

There are several things that need to be consider before making a lesson plan:
  1. Number of school days, 'no school' days, revision, test and examination day and also numbers of teaching days.
  2. The topic of learning, objective and also an approaches that we want to use.
  3. The ability of students and the difficulty of the topics.
  4. The important concept, skills and experience to be included in the learning process.
For the preparation for our micro-teaching, we were given a DLP-Daily Lesson Plan format and example to make us more understanding how to make the lesson plan. For teachers, lesson plan is more like an objective to be achieve for the students in the process of learning. There are daily, weekly and also monthly and even a year lesson plan to be set. Fuuhhhhh!!!!......Not as easy as we think. Even I had take part in teaching for home tutor and class tutor in previous, I don't even know and all about all this think. 

What I can say from this is that, the process of learning is not as easy as we think. Preparation in need as we all had heard some rumors said that, "If I fail to plan, we plan to fail". So, as a teacher, plan wisely your lesson plan. And to all my friends who take this course, good luck in planning and presenting your micro teaching.

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