PR0$aCKSBLoG$: SXEP 3207's 1st Reflection report

SXEP 3207's 1st Reflection report

Refer to the title above, this is the reflection for my science education course which is SXEP 3207: TEACHING METHODS IN SCIENCE since we were informed that this report is also included in our continues assessment.

To be honest, I registered this course quite late which is on the second week of the semester since I had problem in standardized my semester timetable course. So I just go through what I had got in my 1st class(for me) and maybe the third class for the others^_^.


For the 1st time class, We were introduced about our subject course. I was informed that this course take only 30% for the final examination and the others are continuous assignment which is 70% +++. This means that, I need to concentrate on what happened through the class rather than focus only for the examination. To bad for me which usually not very good in giving commitment in something that gain less and share more. Other than that, the lecture is Prof. Madya Dr. Rohaida Mohd. Saat which the types of lecture that always keep an eye on the participation and attitude of students(owh..may god bless me..isk3=.=')

Ok....let's go to the tentative of the assignment. The assignment is divided into two part which is individual assignment and group work. See the list below:


Assignment 1 (15%):

Select an article from any science education journals. Make a critical review of the article particularly on the functionality of the findings in the Malaysian science education context.

Due Date:        January 2011

Assignment 2 (15%):

Identify two (2) misconceptions in science and prepare a write-up of how you would teach to avoid the misconceptions identified

Due Date:        February 2011

Addition Assignment (- -%):
Make a reflection about what you had learn in the class

Every time after the class, make a reflection about what you had learn on that day in your blog. Post your blog url in spectrum discussion later.

Due Date:       Someday in  2011


Assignment 1 (20%):

Perform at least six (6) experiments from the Science textbooks of your assigned form, and two (2) discrepant events. Write a report on these experiments and indicate any modification done on these experiments and the rationale of the modification. You also need to write a report on the two (2) discrepant events; which include the procedure and the concepts behind the phenomena.
Your group need to present one (1) experiment and one (1) discrepant event.

Due Date:        March 2011

Assignment  2 (20%):

Select a topic from the Malaysian Science Curriculum. Prepare a lesson plan using innovative teaching strategies in teaching science.

Due Date:        April 2011

Interesting isn't it???hahaha...I just hope that the class will go on smoothly. And one more thing I forgot to included, I was assigned into a group of 4 which is Hafiz, Fara, Izzati and me. Were were assigned to make a research for form 3 science subject. Looking at the others, it seems that maybe I'm the worst person in this group.hahaha...just wait and see.

For the first class, there isn't much that I had learn since it is still an introduction week where we were told about the an introduction of our course of study, dividing group and task, overall view of the course so that we didn't lost in the middle of it. At least we had now what the purpose of this study, what it's main idea, so that if we lost, we have something to grab it back. All in all, good luck to all my friends. May we all success in flying colours.^_^

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