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Inventing My Own iPad Application for Maxis

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To be honest, I'm quite amaze with the technology that we had now. Remembered that our first technology is of computer that had been made which is called ENIAC-Electical Numerical Integrated and Computer if i not mistake which is as big as a classroom. Then, it become smaller and smaller as what we have right now which is as same size as the text book. Above all of this, apple had go through beyond this which come with something as small and thinner exercise book which know as iPad. So what we can say from here is, nothing impossible in technology. 

In previous, when I was a child, I always admired cybercop (Denou Keikatsu) which is the story about 4 cybergenetic police which have so many equipment that can be called by using only the public phone nearby.

When I re-watch back all of this movies make me realize that all the technology that had been used in this movie which still didn't exist at that time, had been used now. For example, small portable notebook which can easily access in every main computer, the chip of identification card, the videocall, the concept of 3G, 4G and many more.

But all in all, there is still one thing that our technology cannot achieve and still in the process of developing it which is the concept of hologram such as in the Star Wars.

So we go directly to the main point,

What I want my iPad application to be??
Actually, the 3D hologram call is not what I wish from my iPad but I want the concept of hologram from it. I want my iPad to have an application that can make the images, videos or games to exist in the form of hologram. For example, let see the video below:

Actually that is what I want for my iPad, to have a live figure image from my iPad which is also known as hologram. Is it possible to have these kind of stuff?? What do you think?? To me, it is not possible since right now actually we already have this kind of application. See the image below:

So cool isn'it??This amazing application already exist in our world which is called "Holographium". How can this application exist actually and what makes it possible???

Actually this application is nothing without the existence of camera with a long exposure capability. Basically this application only converted the text that you had set into a bunch of interconnected vertecies in 3-dimensional space, optimized, and then sliced into hundreds of frames. On the other hand we can explain it more clearly using the concept of interference. Means that the frames which had been produce from the iPad' screen will interact with the coherent light from the camera light beam will form interference wave between it and forming a hologram text just like the image above(I suppose since that what I heard in my Physic Department class.huhuh^_^).

Although this application is still not a complete form of hologram, I think it's concept makes the world of hologram make sense and not possible. Isn't it??

In my opininoon, in order to make my application more valid, I think it is better to prefer some addition equipment such as a laser which has been equipped with diverging lens since it is the most basic thing that make the hologram concept more alive.

laser with a diverging lens

laser produced monochromatic and coherent light

The existence of laser with the application like Holographium, I think that this idea become more reliable since basically laser produce monochromatic and coherent light which logically can support the the frames that had been produce from the "Hologrphium" application in the previous. The image below show how this thing work. 

How this thing works:
  1. The image from the iPad hat want to show in the hologram had been into hundreds of frames forming a partial ray displayed through the screen of iPad.
  2. The ray from the laser beam interact with the iPad ray forming an interference image known as hologram.
  3. When the eyes see through it, it will see the virtual image in 3D and alive outside the iPad.

Well, if this this can really happened. This thing is amazing!!!! It will be the most amazing technology that beyond the others. The laser is not necessary in the form of laser actually. Maybe it can come in the form of pen which can be put in our shirt pocket. Or maybe in the form of earing or necklace. Isn't it???

I think that's all that I can jot about my own iPad application which will come with additional gadget, laser. Imagine what happened if my imagination application comes true??Of course it will be more exciting for us to role our gallery, viewing photos, watching movies, playing games and more.^_^

Below is one of the video that quite attracting me about the concept of future technology. It is a prediction for the future iPhone concept. Using hologram and can respond to our finger. Although in logic, this is still impossible to make the deflective wave that had been form an image to respond to our hand, but in future, nothing is impossible. Isn't it???All in all.....LaYaaanNNNNNnnnnZZZZzzzz......

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