PR0$aCKSBLoG$: SXEP2108's FiNaL RePoRT

SXEP2108's FiNaL RePoRT

I named it as SXEP2108's FiNaL RePoRT SinCe iT'S NoT aN oRDiNaRY RePoRT, By a RePoRT aBouT ouR EXaM PaPeR THaT HaD BeeN HeLD a FeW DaYS aGo...SinCe iT iS aN oRDeR...So, FoR ouR CaRRyiNG MaRK...I aCCePT it..BeSiDes...I LiKe THiS CouRSE..huhuhu^_^

Since the question paper had been taken back, so I just generalized the question from my own point of understanding and from what I still remembered(if my memory still ok..=,='). The question are devided into 3 quiestion with 2 subquestion each. So, let we go through each question slowly,,,LaYaNNNZZZZzzzz......

Question 1(a) more stress on the wind of change of technology(I think la..). It stress on the relevant use of television, overhead projector and slide show. Actually for me, this question is quite difficult since I can't get the main point of what this question need. The relevance??means what??Is it how to use?Or the good and the bad of this technology??or what??I already forgot how I answer, but from what I remembered, I think I wrote on how to use this technology clearly since this technology is the old one, and not as easy as the latest one as what we use now.(I hope that my answer is right...isk2=.=')

Question 1(b) asked about searched engine and how to use it. It's a direct and indirect question actually..First, the definition of search engine...and secondly, how we use to find what we want. For answer the first one is easy since we just only define it from what we know. But for the second part is quite unsure, whether the question want us to explain it in a simple way or what since from what I use search engine, we just need to insert the keywords and click search. That's all. But I'm unsure about the answer since this is an come the answer like this. Isn't it??

Question 2(a) asked about the integration theory of technology in science based learning. This question is quite direct which stress on learning theory that applied in technology based learning. All in all, for this part...I hope my way of answering is right(fuhh....fuuhhh....GoD PleaSeee.....)

Question 2(b) asked about our opinion about knowledgeable teacher and its effectiveness in applying technology based learning. Since it's more about opinion, so, it's an open question..depend on our understanding and how we apply it...

Question 3(a) want us to make the lesson planed based on technology based learning and how we do it. This also an applied question. Since we already know what the integrated theory of technology based learning...we were asked to use it and that's how it's done^_^

Question 3(b) asked us about the use of powerpoint presentation, how we use it in our lesson. For me, this question look direct. But the actually it's aim is indirect. Why I said that??The question asked us the way...I'm quite confused...Is it means that the way we use it in teaching methods or the way we applied this technology in teaching. Since I'm confused....I answered both way....Hahaha...hope the luck is in my side...aiseyh...=.='

So, overall....from my opinion....the question is not so tough and not so easy...It's contain all level of difficulty....However for me...I find some difficulty in finding what the question is actually need cause the question sometimes seems to be not focusing on some direct aspect....for example the question 1(a) and question 3(b)....And some of them are too easy and make me it really what the question want or what...ish3x.....

All in all.....these question reflect all the knowledge that I got in this least I felt that all that I learn is worthy...huhuhu.....and finally...this paper is over....

That's bring me to the end of my final report...all in all...wish me luck in my final exam for this semester course and formerly for my degree....heee...^_^

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