PR0$aCKSBLoG$: SXeP2108's 8th RePoRT

SXeP2108's 8th RePoRT

SXeP2108's 8th RePoRT

Since today khuzaid and i absent..actually we wake up late and since i have my final english presentation where my presentation for today is a final presentation that decided my grade in GTEE1104 EFFECTIVE PRESENTATION SKILLS since this course doesn't has the final exam...

What happened today

i think nothing that i can that i can share for today since i'm absence...but from what that i heard from the other friends which come to the class(gee and pika) the class start quite late since only a few students come today(i think they also absent coz overslept..huhu^_^)...they said that today we have learn about search engine..and then Dr. Shahul give some briefing about the website since one of our last assignment is doing a website. They had divided the group and since khuzaid and i didn't we decided to make our own group.

Since Dr. Shahul suggest to use to make the website, so i surf this web and try their application. After about 2 and half hours surveying and design it, this is the products of my blog.

to know more about my new website. You can find it in ....Since i still new in this field, if you have any idea, suggestion or comment about my new website or if you know any other way in making the website. you can share it with me. i really appreciate it.

My Personal view of what happened today

From what that i had see in this about the webpage. There are nothing that special that can be modified when using this website in creating the web since all of the thing had been given. We just choose and can modified only a little bit of things about it. From this webpage also make me thinks that, nothing much i can add in the website except just can modified a little bit of thing in it and its page also limited(adeyh...=.=')

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