PR0$aCKSBLoG$: SXeP2108's 6th RePoRT

SXeP2108's 6th RePoRT

SXeP2108's 6th RePoRT is time for me to report what had happened in the class on the 6th day.

WHaT HaPPeNeD oN THe 6th DaY
The class start by deviding us to some group of 3 or 4 to prepare a task. What task??ahhaa.....just wait and see...mybe i will submit and post our task's job in this blog later. For now, let me share what we were supposed to do on that day. We were given a piece of paper about the "CaRBoN CyCLe" and we were asked to give some briefing about what should we do to make use of technology to be apply in presenting these task.(betul ke apa y aku taip ni??aku pn xpaham...adeyh..=.=').....

After that, the class continue with the presentation from the students. This time, we were exposed about "Information retreival through the usage of internet, www, cd-roms, and interactive videodisks to enhance understanding of science concept". We were explained about how all these thing is about, how we were supposed to use it and how to attribute it in education. We were also have been explained about the right and the wrong way to use the technology since sometimes, there were miss-use by the teachers.

Their presentation is quite good enough where i can catch almost all of what they had explain to us whereas they give video, and explain bit by bit all of the videos is about, they give some example and difference of what they explain which causing my mind using the constructive and behavior theory to regenerate all the point they give and understand it(hahaha.... >:p).....

However, their slide is quite darky and sometimes i cannot see the words in the slide whereas the colour of their words and layout is almost similar and dark.

So, overall...i think that their presentation is "ok laa"...(what i'm assure is...their presentation is a lot better than mine...which have nothing..isk3=.=')

gambar dimana budak2 ni tengah fening lalat sebab xdapat nak gunakan teknologi dlm sesi kali ni
....tu r...kdg2 teknologi ni...bermasalah juga kn??isk2=.='

For this time, since i think that their presentation is quite good...i felt that...nothing for me to comment anymore...huhuhu...for me everything is ok except the slide presentation. That's all.

gambar bakal guru y sedang khusuk menyampaikan ceramah mereka...(sampaikan ceramah ke??cam pembaca berita pun ada...hahaha:p)

My PeRSoNaL VieW oF WHaT We HaVe DisCuSSeD
From what that we have learn....right now we know that technology actually is something that can accelerate the process of's depend to use how to apply to use the leraning process....^_^

this is how we use technology is learning process..the most effective way..huhuhu^_^

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