PR0$aCKSBLoG$: SXeP2108's 5th RePoRT

SXeP2108's 5th RePoRT

SXeP2108's 5th RePoRT

This time for the 5th report of the SXEP2108's course. Since the class was a substitution class which was held on 4th october 2010 at 6 p.m.

WHaT HaPPeNeD oN THe 5th DaY
What happened on this day??hmm....i think nothing special happened on that day except it is my group's turn to present out part. Our group which is khatijah and me was give a task to present about "Theory of education in science and technology education and the distribution of these theory in technology based learning". This part is a part where we using the theory of education in technology based learning. The theories that have been reintroduced in this part is the theory of behaviorisme, theory of cognitivisme, theory of cognitive and also multiple intelligent. Other than that, we also share about its contribution and how to apply it in technology based learning.

Since this time, the person who present it is can i comment it??isk3=.='.....i think my partner's presentation(tijah) is a lot better than me....since it start the slide with the video, correlate it to the theory of educaton that exist, provide quiz session and give present to the members that answer the question. It seem that she has prepared well. Compared to me, which only prepared a slide with just only full of animation and less of words. Just giving the main point words and slide was rejected since my slide is almost same with tijah except she has more point to eleberate and i'm quite shy to tell that i have the reason of why i prepared my slide that way by giving the reason that i'm not fully prepared. So, by putting only one from my 12pages slide to present make me looks blur while presenting. But all in all....i think that is the best i can do...even if i'm using my slide. Not necessary i can present well..huhu...

Since this time...i'm the one who presenting...i just hoping that next time we have time to met early since each of us didn.t have same free time to meet and discuss deeply...huhuhu...

My PeRSoNaL View oF WHaT We HaD DiSSCuSSeD
From what that we had learn this a teacher..we have learn all of this theory...understanding it...and apply it in teaching module...what the new we use and apply the technology and the theory at the same time to make it more effective in our learning process....

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