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SXeP2108's 3rd RePoRT

refer to the topic above(merujuk kepada perkara diatas-surat rasmi)...the SXeP2108's 3rd class is playing at past 27th september 2o10 at computer lab 1(if i not mistake) these day....nothing much i got since i the class is at the pich of time(6pm-7.30pm) and since i come late due to rain and the my energy is quite drain cause fasting....

What happened on that day
Since i'm quite late and lack of focussed....just a little bit of information that i gathered...what i know on that day...we were exposed to the theory2 of education and the problem2 that the us will faced when we involved in education sector....lack of to handle this situation and how to overcome it.....that's all......

Strength and Weakness
Since this time...the lecturer was the i can comment..huhu...quite perfect..with the information....and example that we can see and relate to our live..^_^....(puji lebeyh2 r markah lebeyh sikit..huhu)......

What solution should put forward
hm...nothing i can touch in this time....huhu...if i had a chance..just wish that the weather is not so bad other replacement class next time so that i'm not become paralyzed and pending due to the weather and the temperature of the class which as cold as refrigerator...huhu...

Personal view of what had discussed
from what i can see...there are so many challenge that we will face as we take part in education sector later.....maybe we live in the independent country....developing country..however...there maybe exists some place that don't have enough facilities, exclude in as future teacher..we must be ready to face this reality....and the informaton we gain back here is the guideline for us to handle it in the future....that's all ^_^

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