PR0$aCKSBLoG$: iNTRoDuCinG SoMeTHiNG SpeCiaL ToDaY^_^

iNTRoDuCinG SoMeTHiNG SpeCiaL ToDaY^_^

iNTRoDuCiNG...THe BiRD...NaMES ChurpChurp

Actually everyday for me is a lame day, nothing special especially as a students. Have class but don't wanna go, have task but don't wanna do, have exam but don't wanna study. All that I do is surfing...what a horrible person I am isn't it???While surfing, I found something special that had been posted by one of my friends in the facebook. What is it??Let's look and see....


Nothing special actually about the above video actually accept for me who always mercenary about money since the semester study almost end, my pocket already drying. Getting some addition money by formatting and repairing laptop is quite tough right now since almost all students here now know how to format the laptop since right now, using latest version of OS, everything is easy as eating pie. So, right now this video giving me some picture about how to refill back my addiction. Actually nothing special about the video above accept an introduction on how to make money using twitter and churpchurp.

Churpchurp is something new for me, so i decided to go to the website and find more detail about this thing(all for the money..huhu^_^). By search engine, I found their website which at and from this website, there is something that interact me. Their slide...(since i'm a lazy person to read, their slide quite helping me to understand what the hell is this thing and causing me to find more about it...what and interesting way to promote.heheh^_^)....these are the slide which interest me from it's main page.

I solute this picture since it's said everyone in the world have their their special intelligent and talents and right now, having technology make these things not wasted where they can find teir gang, share their talent, polish it, gain information about their interest more deeply and more.

and these pictures above explain about about the existence of Churpchurp which to help that uncle who want to sell their cookies using the technology. At least, that what I understand from the picture above. How about you??All in all, the picture below is the most interact me in their slide. Which said that "JOIN THE COMUNITY, meet new friends and GET REWARDED"(highlight since it's the main thing for me) since that's the 1st reason I search this site.

All in all, after surveying....I finally know something about ChurpChurp. It's actually a medium where twitter advertising the campaign and get paid for each task that had been assign to you. Actually this thing is under the same company of Nuffnang as an information if you not sure about it's origin. By joining this, you will be given an assignment that compatible with you. And you will be rewarded if you complete the task($ . $). What special about this can complete your task either in English or Bahasa.

Other than that, right now, they are launching a contest where you can stand a chance to RM100 just by blogging about ChurChurp. To know more about this news, you can go the their blog website at or click here.

Actually right now, I'm also try to participate this contest(if not, why should a lazy person like me to write all about this thing.hahahaha=.='). So, by writing this post, I hope that I also have a chance to win this contest. So, if you read my post, don't just read it. Please vote me or pray me for this RM100 contest. I'm not requesting more, just only RM100 only...plzzzzz.....isk2=.='

I'm a cat that begging to get the ChurpChurp's Bird

Note: if some of information that i give in this post is false or cantaining error...Plz feel free to comment it^_^

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