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Software ni mempertingkatkan protection melalui Internet browsing safety dgn membantu menjaga tepat dimana spyware selalu masuk kedalam computer. Windows Defender (y baru Beta 2 kot..y ni version lama). y ni ak xtau sgt apa version..just upload sebab xnak buang software2 lama aku begitu aja...antara description2 nye y aku dapat cari(tp utk latest r ko) adalah seperti du

- Improved detection and removal. Windows Defender (Beta 2) can detect and remove more threats posed by spyware and other potentially unwanted software. Real-Time Protection, which helps prevent unwanted software from being installed, is enhanced to better monitor key points in the operating system for changes. These features help you stay productive because they help to prevent pop-ups and the performance degradation that is caused by spyware and other potentially unwanted software.
- Redesigned and simplified user interface. The Windows Defender (Beta 2) user interface has been redesigned to make it easer to scan your computer and remove unwanted files. The new interface also delivers a warning system that alerts you to the severity of a threat and makes appropriate recommendations to help secure your computer. This new design gives you more control over the software on your computer and minimizes interruptions to your work.
- Protection features for all users. Windows Defender (Beta 2) can now be run by all the users who use a particular computer, whether they have administrator-level privileges or not. This helps ensure that all the people who use a computer are able to benefit from the protection features offered by Windows Defender.
- Definition updates delivered through Automatic Updates. Windows Defender (Beta 2) now receives updates through Automatic Updates. Provided by Microsoft analysts, these updates help keep you protected from the latest threats at no additional cost.
- Voting network statistics. When Windows Defender detects potentially unwanted software, it shows you how customers who participate in the opt-in network voted to classify the software.

Requirements: The current beta is intended only for English language versions of the Microsoft


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