PR0$aCKSBLoG$: HJ-SpLiT 2.4

HJ-SpLiT 2.4

HJ-SpLiT 2.4
**please be inform that this is one of the famous software that have been used in my blog especially for movie and others file which in large size..sorry coz late reply...i'm having problem uploading the file lately(^_^)..fuuhhhh..ape2 pn..layan...zaasssss

Introduction:J-Split is a file fragmentation and defragmentation software. From time to time computer users, large files due to various reasons, may need takedown. HJ-Split software can perform this function in the highly successful format.

The use of free software is also very easy. The software’s main menu with one click of four separate tasks are designed to do, and in doing so to a good user interface is presented. HJ-Split software that tracks the files again with the opportunity to combine has. If a file type or size in mind you can use all the files.

You will not need to install software “hjsplit.exe” You can start by clicking the application. Large files, even working on the above 10gb’nin offer software file-merge feature in addition to fragmentation, file comparison and strong process also can occur. That is compatible with all Windows-based operating system software is very small in size.


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