PR0$aCKSBLoG$: CoverAction Pro for Adobe Photoshop Full

CoverAction Pro for Adobe Photoshop Full

Simple-to-Use EBook Cover Software to Create Beautiful 3D eCover Graphics.

CoverAction Pro™ lets you create high-definition eBook covers in just minutes, when used with Adobe Photoshop®. With its unsurpassed eBook cover quality at 300 dpi, CoverAction Pro—the newest software from master designer Mark Monciardini—far exceeds the competition (if you can call it that!). Developed by graphic designers with over two decades of experience, this brand new software program makes it possible for publishers and graphic artists to show their eBook covers with confidence, whether online or as actual printouts.

Finally, a professional way to create 3-D covers, boxes, and much more— even if you’re not a professional!
Whether you’re using a Mac or a PC, CoverAction Pro is eBook cover software that works directly in Photoshop—so you never have to leave your project environment. It can take all of your old, current or brand new eBook covers, box covers, etc., and quickly transform them from ordinary 2-D into photo-realistic, tangible 3-D designs. Simply fit your existing design with the desired template an
d you’re done!

Bonus #1: Pro Templates
Not a designer? Not a problem. CoverAction Pro comes with a handful of templates designed specifically for getting massive attention. Replace the provided text with the name of your own product and your own text, and let our eBook cover software do the rest. All the Photoshop layers for each template are included.

Bonus #2: 60 min. Video Course on creating Covers

If you are graphically challenged (or think you are because y

ou haven’t used CoverAction Pro yet), throw away your worries. Mark Monciardini will walk you through a free, 60-minute video (Online) course on creating custom covers that can be used for any business. Sit back and watch Mark as he shows you the right tools and how to use them to get the exact look you want.

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